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ACHIEVE is a small, privately owned business that provides focused and individualized Applied Behavior Analytic (ABA) services to families of children, early-intervention-age to adulthood, with autism and/or other Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (IDD). We will provide treatment for your child in the home, community, and/or in school. Located in York, PA, we are capable of providing services throughout South Central PA and beyond. We accept private pay and will work with most commercial insurances.


ACHIEVE guarantees the quality of your child’s behavioral treatment. A seasoned Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will work closely with your family as a whole to insure the best behavioral interventions possible for your child with autism or IDD. Let us help your child ACHIEVE Behavioral Success!

ABA Services and Common Behavioral Interventions

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a scientifically validated therapeutic approach to improving the lives of individuals with Intellectual and/ or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) (i.e. Autism) and Families of Children with IDD.

Treatment of Severe and Challenging Behaviors

Teaching adaptive and alternative skills are paramount when treating and decreasing challenging behaviors, ie aggression, self-injury, property destruction, tantrums, etc.

Early Intervention

Providing effective ABA services at the earliest onset of a diagnoses can greatly improve the academic, behavioral, and social skills prognoses of children with IDD/Autism.

Skills Training

The are many positive methods for teaching skills to benefit overall behavioral and social functioning for children with IDD/Autism, ie social, behavioral, academic, activities of daily living, etc.

Communication Training

Teaching effective communication is especially important for children with Autism. Effective communication decreases unwanted behaviors, and improves social skills and the overall quality of life.

Toilet Training

Toilet training can be difficult for most children and is often delayed and can be particularly difficult for children with IDD/Autism. ABA can greatly expedite the toilet training process – often toilet training can be achieved in less than a day with a good ABA program.

Treatment of Food Selectivity/Refusal

All children can be picky eaters, but children with autism can be particularly selective with the foods they prefer. A number of methods can be implemented to expand a child’s repertoire of preferred foods.

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